Jade:  The Law
In this sequel to Jade:  Outlaw, Jade, a rough man of the old West, molded by a tragic past, has fallen for Rain, a woman raised by Indians, a symbol of all that he hates and all that he is. Now these two outcasts, struggling to build their own relationship, face a West that is changing. As Jade becomes the Law, he must deal with “progress”: greedy cattle barons, religious righteousness, political aspirations, railroads, Civil War remnants, prejudice and outlaws.

Is doing the right thing the right thing to do? Riley O’Connor did what he was taught was right. When he told his story his listeners agreed he had done the right thing. But Riley was not convinced and became Jade, a feared and respected outlaw. Then he met a woman who could prove he did the right thing but she did what everyone knew was the wrong thing and refused to confess it. Also in Kindle.

Echoes of Glory
A fictitious Texas county that embraces its legends, but not its actual history is threatened when a Sheriff is challenged in an election by a local hero , and a drama professor  announces that he will write a play depicting the true story of Second Platoon, which many fear will expose the dark underside of Mills County. Echoes of Glory, has won the Western Writers of America 2010 Spur Award in the Western Long Novel category. Since 1953 the WWA Spur Awards have honored the best in Western fiction, non-fiction, and film scripting.  Flynn is now on the list of the most distinguished Western writers of the last half-century.

North To Yesterday
A man and his son set off to recapture his unfulfilled dreams with a plan for a old-time trail drive.  See what the critics say.

In the House of the Lord
A day in the life of a young, devout, and honest Pat Shahan, minister of a Protestant church in a large city where he struggles to balance his faith in Christianity with his doubts about himself and his church.
Read what the critics say.

The Devil's Tiger with Dan Klepper
In the late 1980s, renegade Russian scientists conducting illegal bio- warfare research purposely infect three Siberian tigers with a deadly disease in an attempt to trigger a military confrontation with the U.S. in hopes of restoring the power and prestige of the Soviet Union.  Critics' Comments.

Tie-Fast Country
This novel about a grandmother rancher  offers some gritty realism about running a ranch and living in a rural Texas town in the early 20th century, complete with the typical complicated relationships that run through most families.  What the critics think.

The Sounds of Rescue, 
The Signs of Hope
WWII pilot, Gregory Wallace, comes face to face with himself and his realities when he is shot down and lost on an island, hopeful yet hopeless.  Critics' comments.

Wanderer Springs
Called back home for a funeral, Will Callagan relives the sometimes hilarious, sometimes painful memories of his youth in this small Texas town.  Critics' comments

The Last Klick
Sherrill O'Connor can't seem to fit in and has difficulty coping with the adversities of life, but suddenly faces the greatest test and finds himself a changed man.  This book addresses the complex subjects of death, war, media manipulation, and the concept of celebrity.  Read what the critics say.

Flynn's Novels

About North to Yesterday, winner of awards from the Texas Institute of Letters and the National Cowboy Hall of Fame:

“...provides some of the funniest reading of the introduces a lively and unconventional talent it will be a pleasure to meet again.”  Thomas Lask, New York Times

“A modern cattle drive is the focus of a shrewd and touching satire on the vanishing West.”  Eliot Fremont-Smith, List of the Year’s Outstanding Fiction, New York Times

“...has to be one of the funniest books of the year.  But it is also a thoughtful tragicomic parable of all America.”  Brian Garfield, Saturday Review

“A new moving and memorable kind of tall story, one that merges upon legend and even myth.”  Walter Van Tilburg Clark

“A Don Quixote in pursuit of an adventure no longer possible...a story at once poignant and comic.”  Book of the Month Club

“Above all, it has a high inventive humor that shnes through antique dreams and honest tragedy and provides an uncommon experience.”  A.B. Guthrie, Jr.

In The House of the Lord:

“Excellent...As immediate as a headline, as immemorial as man’s quest for God.”  Edmund Fuller, Wall Street Journal.

“...confronts us with honestly hard questions instead of contrived easy answers, skirts romantic sentimentality in a context which has uniquely been its traditional preserve, and shows us an everyday contemporary saint living precariously in a post-saintly age.”  Malcolm Boyd

“Flynn has created a rarity--a good novel about a clergyman.”  Philadelphia Inquirer

The Devils Tiger

“An exciting adventure story...a page-turner to the very end.”  Jay Brandon

“...a thriller of the best kind, plausible and breathless.  altogether an expert piece of work in a genre where originality such as this is rare.”  Jacques Barzun

“...a fast-paced and multi-faceted thriller...vividly evoked Tex-Mex landscares, skillful prose, and hunters and predators aplenty.”  Rick Riordan

Tie-Fast Country

“...with the compression of poetry and the realism of history, Flynn ties his readers to this tough and tender story...these folks will be remembered.”  Jane Roberts Wood

“...vintage Flynn with fascinating though ambivalent characters, each with an abundance of human weaknesses, seeking after his or her own personal vision of happiness, with disturbing and occasionally tragic results.” Elmer Kelton

The Sounds of Rescue, the Signs of Hope:

“ unforgetable story of a man revealed to his very marrow, to the deepest center of his self, an average young man, no hero, no superman.”  Best Sellers

“...a stubbornly obsessing book.”  Time magazine

“Reading it is frequently a moving and intellectually provocative experience.”  The New York Times Book Review

Seasonal Rain winner of the 1986 Texas Literary Award, “The Saviour of the Bees,” and “Christmas in a Very Small Place,” were winners in the PEN short fiction contest.

“An Impressive collection,” The Kirkus Reviews

“With a soft, almost breathless poignancy he reveals the power of the human heart...Displaying the same talent that made North to Yesterday a classic in Western literature, he demonstrates here the vitality of the short story.”  Review of Texas Books

Wanderer Springs winner of Spur Award from Western Writers of America for Best Historical Novel

“Callaghan’s idiosyncratic tales dignify the lives of the townspeople, and give shape, meaning and continuity to their experiences.  His own story is told by Flynn with grace, wit and intelligence.”  Western American Literature

“...a haunting and beautifully written novel that resonates in the reader’s mind long after the book is finished...a marvelous alchemy of local history, folklore and one man’s search for himself.”  Kansas City Star

“...a lowkey, engagingly unpretentious meditation on how memory makes sense of the past.”  Booklist

“ once witty and funny and almost unbearably moving.”  Dallas Times Herald

“...perfectly pitched, evocative novel...tells the story of one of those evanescent towns of the American interior that has a lifespan of three or at most four generations.”  Publishers Weekly

“Flynn’s abundant talent transforms the annals of a dying town into an exploration of larger human concerns.”  Library Journal

“There is wisdom in Wanderer Springs, there is also poetry, and humor, and pain, and charity, and love, and wit, and understanding.”  Dallas Morning News

“...a beautiful novel, with subtle, delicate sense of character and of place.  It is sad, funny, surprising, always interesting.”  Larry McMurtry

“Wanderer Springs sings to me.  Flynn draws on urban Texas and its rural past in spinning an original, funny and moving tale of life and death and the confusions in between.”  Larry L. King

The Last Klick

“I’ve read many books about the Great War and about Stalingrad and the other horrors of World War Two, but The Last Klick, because it comes out of a contemporary sensibility, presents a greater challenge to the feelings.  The madness of jungle warfare is matched moreover by the wicked idiocy of press and television.  The United States seen from Vietnam is even more distorting than the experiences of combat.  Written with passion and great skill.”  Saul Bellow

“...raises disturbing questions about perception and truth, loyalty and betrayal.” Publishers Weekly.                            

“...amazingly authentic and probing in its subtle evaluations of the kind of society we have become.”  Houston Chronicle

“ it, for the power of its description of the horrors of a war that should never be forgotten, or celebrated.”  Houston Post

“Twenty-odd years ago, I had the pleasure of spending a few days traveling around Vietnam with Robert Flynn who was then a freelance correspondent for True Magazine  Now, after finishing The Last Klick, I know what he was really up to.  He has done a wonderful job of recreating the sights and sounds and smells of Vietnam, and he has captured the ambitions, pretensions and cynicism of the international press corps that covered the war.”  Steve Kroft, 60 Minutes (CBS)

“...a provocative book that addresses a number of complex subjects--death, war, media manipulation, and the concept of celebrity...Highly  recommended.”  Library Journal

“...a book not only for those interested in war and Vietnam but for those interested in the electronic transformation of our culture...both thoughtful and of the few novelists serious enough to make the attempt to illuminate such issues.”  Dallas Morning News

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